Annual Tradition -Art In Bloom Weekend

Arrangement composed of knock out roses, a magnolia 
and green button mums - 
inspired by NOMA's Art In Bloom Exhibit.
Arrangement composed of knock out roses, a magnolia
and green button mums –
inspired by NOMA’s Art In Bloom Exhibit.

The arrival of Spring is beautifully celebrated at the New Orleans Museum of Art’s (NOMA) annual Art in Bloom Exhibit, comprised of artfully designed fresh floral and botanical arrangements submitted by local community garden clubs, florists and event planners. The exhibit has been an annual destination of mine for many years whether attending on my own, with my Mother or a friend. Most recently, over the past four or five years the tradition continues with a couple of my friends and has been earmarked as a Gal Pal annual outing.

Our book club read "The Paris Apartment", the story of the abandoned apartment of 
Marthe de Florian a French demimondaine (courtesan) during the Belle Époque era.  
Among the many treasured findings is a portrait by Giovanni Boldini (1888).
We later realized that this painting (while less risqué 
could quite possibly be the same subject, by the same artist.  The floral interpretation
of the painting is graceful, elegant and stunning.
Portrait of a Young Woman by Giovanni Boldini

Our book club read “The Paris Apartment” by Michelle Gable a few years ago, a fascinating novel based on the true story of the abandoned apartment of Marthe de Florian a French demimondaine (courtesan) during the Belle Époque era.  Among the many treasured antiquities discovered in the abode was a beautiful alluring portrait by Giovanni Boldini (1888) of De Florian.
We later realized that the above painting by the same artist that resides at NOMA, while less risqué could quite possibly be the same subject. The similarities in her profile and hair indicate she may be De Florian. The floral design of the painting is as graceful and elegant as its inspiration.

The exhibit is a combination of paintings and sculpture selected by the designers as their subject that is then recreated with fresh flowers and lush foliage. (See the top: three examples of paintings recreated with beautifully arranged floral designs.) There are also creatively unique free-form floral designs throughout the museum as represented in the two lower images from above. . Each year the exhibit offers beautiful blooms artfully transformed into new interpretations of art exhibited throughout the museum.  

Lunch prior to or after visiting the exhibit at Cafe’ Degas, an open air Gallic French cuisine cafe’, literally built around an oak tree is also part of our tradition. The cafe’ established in 1980, provides the perfect shaded alfresco, fresh spring air experience associated with beautifully blooming flowers, and the delicious cuisine and cocktails are all part of a tradition we look forward to year after year. 

If you’re looking for a way to spend time with friends and or family – or a special afternoon with your Mom, daughter and /or sister, look for a similar event in your area. An internet search of “Art In Bloom” for your State in the search provides a list of similar exhibits in other parts of the U.S. To form your own tradition, check to see if there’s a similar exhibit near you to celebrate the beauty of Spring!

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