S I P (Social Interactions and Parties) One Year Anniversary

I can hardly believe, that just a year ago, I sat at my dining room table literally trembling with fear as I learned as much as I could online about how to design a blog and then pushed myself to take the first steps.

I wanted a place to share all of my “social interaction” ideas, while simply enjoying time with family and friends. Another year of great wines, food, books, friends, tea, home design updates and thoughtful gestures, all recorded in the 67 posts of 2019. Thank you to all of you who follow me and to all of those in my life that share in making these events fun and memorable. Your support encourages me more than you know and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. Here’s a quick look at 2019’s memories.

It’s a new year and a new decade. Come along for the journey to see what happens in 2020.


Here we go…

Good company in a journey makes the way shorter. -Izaak Walton

Day one…

This is the beginning of something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. As with anything out of one’s comfort zone, I have no idea what I’m doing (in regards to blogging technology), but as with any adventure I’ve decided to jump in and give it my best effort. I know I have a lot to learn along the way, but I hope that it eventually becomes familiar and fun to the point that my brows no longer squint with intense concentration and my brain no longer spins with “what does that mean?” or “how do I do that?”

Come along with me for the ride! Happy 2019! [See categories for posts].