The Spontaneous Traveler : Colmar, France

What Can Happen in Less Than One Week

Day 1 Part 2

Moving on to the second part of my day in France. Later in the afternoon we arrived in the medieval town of Colmar referred to as ” la petite Venise “(little Venice) due to the small waterways that resemble (but look nothing at all) Venice, Italy. The architecture was a combination of half timber homes and other notable historical landmarks, but lacked the quiet calm experienced earlier in Eguisheim.

As we arrived the clouds began to slowly darken and eventually the rain fell, but it didn’t stop us from exploring. The streets were much more crowded than those in Eguisheim and the surrounding neighborhoods on the outskirts were from a more modern era. Still the windows of many shops from chocolatiers, to patisseries, restaurants, gift shops and more lined the streets for plenty to do and see. As we reached the church, a wedding party had just come out and slipped into an antique car while guests walked in a group to a new by venue for the reception.

Colmar, France is also the birth place of the sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who designed the Statue of Liberty. A museum of some of his works is on display, one of which is a beautiful statue of four women holding the world inside a small courtyard.

We paused at a local cafe’ for coffee or wine before ending the day and returning to out little cottage in Germany, our day in France had come to an end. On to day two….

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