The Dandelion Wish…

The Dandelion… “Wish flower”, I can’t remember before yesterday, the last time I saw one. The sky was crystal clear, the sun beamed bright and a, cool, comforting breeze soothed away any heat that thought of resting. It was so beautiful that I coaxed my Dad from his bed and drove him to Madisonville to sit on a bench by the water and breathe in some fresh air. The concept of just sitting in gratitude and enjoying nature is foreign to my Dad, but he agreed to cooperate. “Just soak in the sun and fresh air and pray”, I told him.

The hum of cars crossing on the little draw bridge competed with the occasional gusts of wind that blew through the Spanish moss draped from the large branches of the trees. His eyes wondered to the family further down the riverside taking a walk and the kids running in circles with their hair blowing in the wind. Eventually he commented about the very large houses along the river and “fancy” boats to match.

We finally got up from our bench after some time has passed. As I held Dad’s arm to steady him for the walk back to the car, a little girl named Riley and her mother, Lori suddenly approached us. They had to have been nearby, but somehow we hadn’t noticed them before. Riley reached out and handed Dad a dandelion. “Wow!” I said, “She brought you a wish to make!” Riley looked puzzled and I learned she lives in Las Vegas where flowers do not grow wild in the ground. So she didn’t know it was a wish flower.

Dad loves children and he was more interested in looking at her than making a wish, but I held the dandelion before him and said, “Make a wish before it blows away.” Without saying a word only smiling at the little girl, he took the dandelion in his hand and closed his eyes for a few moments. He then expelled three quick breaths to blow its little seeds into the wind while Riley simply observed. As we prepared to leave, we thanked Riley for the flower and wished her well hoping she would now find another to make her own wish.

I don’t know what he wished for, but I’m positive it had something to do with my Mom, and the little girl’s gesture offered a perfect moment to our little time in the sun.

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